Choosing the Right Diesel Motorhome

Diesel MotorhomeHave you thought about buying a new diesel motorhome? If so, there are many styles to choose from. Whether you need something to fit the whole family or a smaller style for just you and the misses, it’s not hard to find the perfect diesel motorhome for sale in Cardiff or Wales.



·         Class A Diesel Motorhome – A Class A diesel motorhome is the type that is custom built from the manufacturer. In many cases, you can request the amenities and design options you desire. These diesel motorhomes are generally more spacious and include permanent beds rather that conversion types. A Class A motorhome  feels more like a home or apartment that you can take on the road.

·         Class C Diesel Motorhome - Class C motorhomes are also custom built, but they generally include less room or space. These are more compact motorhome styles. They will usually have less overhead room and the over cab areas are generally reserved for the master bed or overhead cabinets.

·         Campervan  – A campervan is generally constructed from a full size conversion van, which is custom fit with a high roof. These vans are generally more suited for a couple or small group, as they are much smaller than the luxury motorhomes. In most cases, each component will have dual uses, such as the table converting into the bed.

·         Slide On Motorhome Shells – This type of motorhome can be slid onto the back of a diesel pickup to be used when needed. Instead of buying a motorhome that requires mechanical maintenance, you can enjoy the amenities without all the hassle. In most cases, this motorhome style will include the basic amenities such as a bed, table, and possibly kitchen items. However, a bathroom or shower is not generally included.

·         Fifth Wheeler motorhomes – A fifth wheel motor home is essentially just the living area of the motorhome without the cab or driving components. This motorhome style is hooked to a turntable in the back of a truck and pulled behind. These motorhomes can include all the same amenities of a Class A motorhome.

Diesel MotorhomeAs you can see, there are many sizes and styles to choose from in Cardiff for a diesel motorhome. Once you have a good idea what style or type you are looking for, the next step is deciding who to buy from. Diesel motorhomes can range in price by thousands of UK pounds. You can try to find a good deal on a motorhome by buying from an individual, but you do have to consider they are not liable to the same laws and restrictions as a dealer. For a better option, you should buy from a used diesel motorhome dealer. Click here to see our current inventory of diesel motorhomes. Each model is thoroughly inspected to ensure you receive the best motorhome for your money. We offer the best selection of diesel motorhomes in the Cardiff and South Wales areas.